H&L can provide a comprehensive range of security products for both the domestic and commercial customer. From planning to design to installation and ultimately service and maintenance, we have a portfolio of tried and tested solutions for any application.


Our CCTV capabilities include day and night cameras , thermal imaging devices , external monitoring and wireless applications. Through a carefully planned design we can ensure you have a top quality system that is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Security Alarms

A visible, operational alarm system IS STILL the best deterrent to burglars and intruders. From PIR and vibration sensor based systems to the latest in panic button technology we can protect your property domestic, commercial or industrial. Your alarm system can be linked directly to a range of mobile communication devices giving you or your colleagues or friends immediate information should the worst occur.

Lighting Control

We offer a wide range of lighting control systems that cover external areas as well as inside your property. Night lights and security lights can be fitted with the latest PIR controls and timers to suite your requirements.

Door Entry and Access Control

For ultimate control of who enters your property and when, we offer a host of control systems from single station simple phone entry points to multi station video and mobile systems. All of our systems are from trusted guaranteed sources and our work is fully guaranteed.

Safety Systems

Fire alarmsFire alarm

If you are required to protect your property with a Fire Alarm system it should conform to BS5839 Part 1, 2002 BS5839 part 1 which is a code of practice for Fire Alarm system design, installation and servicing for fire detection for general buildings. A fire alarm system is generally required to be installed as part of fire certificate required by the Fire Precautions Act or the workplace regulations after an audit of a fire risk assessment.

Once you have been instructed to fit a Fire Alarm system, we can work with you to assess your property and plan the most effective solution. Through a detailed consultation process involving the property owner, the local authority and if required the Fire Brigade we can ensure your system offers the required level of protection for the use of the property.

Smoke detection

We offer a broad range of smoke detection devices from optical/multi-sensor, Ionisation and beam detectors. And if your requirement is for heat detection rather than smoke detection we can offer both rate of rise and fixed temperature products.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

The main reason for installing an emergency lighting system is to enable the building to meet fire safety legislation in a way that is visually acceptable and meets the user's needs for ease of operation and maintenance. The Fire Precautions Regulation (1997) controls the way that the building will be used and the equipment and systems needed to safeguard the occupants.

In line with these requirements we offer a range of products and solutions that will not only meet all of the legal requirements but provide a cost effective safe solution what ever your property requires.

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